Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Yay! This is our first official blog post on Jen Stylz!!!

What a better way than to start with transitioning into Fall. In my opinion, Fall is one of the most fashion forward seasons. You can pair the cutest pieces without being too hot or too cold! Fall is by far my favorite fashion season.

First off, my general rule of thumb/suggestion is, ignore “fashion rules”. They are so overrated at times.  Don’t allow yourself to be confined/limited to certain fashion rules. Fashion is LIMITLESS! Don’t get me wrong, I feel you should still use your better judgment, and when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask me or someone you trust.

If you’re like me, around Septemberish you begin to gradually pack all your summer wear into that good ‘ole plastic tub labeled “summer clothes”. Well, I say pump your brakes for just a sec, don’t set those great pieces aside just yet. Let’s look at how we can still wear our Spring/Summer favorites in the Fall.

Maxi Dresses

Pair them (sleeveless or not) with a cardigan, jean jacket or shirt, blazer, or a utility jacket. Including warm colors will tone the look down and become more Fall friendly. Add a piece of waist candy; a skinny or thick belt. Finish the look with a piece of neck candy and closed toed flats, sneakers (converses), or pumps. Pull the look together based on the occasion or how you’re feeling that day.

Shorts and Mini Skirts

Pair with tights, colored if you bad (not pantyhose, there’s a difference!), cute pair of booties or knee-high boots. If you’re bold, wear your favorite pair of open toed shoes. Add a turtle neck or graphic tee and waist candy to finish the look off.

Maxi and Midi Skirts

Midi skirts, pair with tights and a cute pair of booties, knee-high boots, open toed shoes, or sneakers (same as above). Wear with an oversized tee (front tuck) or sweatshirt. Add a jean or leather jacket to finish the look off. Do the same with the Maxi skirt depending on the length. If it’s a floor maxi, tights may be unnecessary. But, again it depends on your personal preference. 

Spaghetti Strapped Dress

Remember that low cut dress you bought that you closed up with a safety pin, lol! Did you know you could wear a long sleeved fitted crew neck top or turtle neck with it?!?! Girl, you betta wear that dress and stop trippin! Add some tights, boots, waist candy, neck candy, and a jacket (jean, leather, or blazer) if you desire.

These are just a few examples of how you can effortlessly transition some of your favorite Spring/Summer pieces into Fall!

As always, look in the mirror and take selfies for approval. Have a renewed outlook on fashion and step out of your comfort zone! Hey, share a pic below using a suggestion from above!

“Fashion is what you buy, Style is what you do with it”. -anonymous


Jen Stylz