Shoes! Shoes! And, more Shoes! 👠

First, allow me to apologize for my lateness of this post. From losing my notes to being a busy mompreneur I got far behind. That’s expected to happen from time to time, I guess. I am working on being more consistent!

Lets talk SHOES! 👠👡👢👟

Like many of you, I absolutely love shoes. What girl doesn’t love shoes? Whether you are a heel lover, sneaker lover, and all in between. We’re all in this fetish together. Some of us love shoes but opt out of buying them simply because we don’t know how to wear them or what to wear with them. Who’s done this?

Allow me to make this disclaimer! Shoes are ageless. Don’t hinder your shoe game because you feel that you’re too old to wear a particular style of shoe. Yes, be cautious and know your limits. Don’t get this confused with therapeutic wear or any other physical concerns. That’s a medical issue and totally different from what I am conveying. I am here just as a guide. Don’t be walking around hurting yourself talking about Jen suggested you buy a particular shoe! 😂

Fall and Winter shoe trends are endless! You can transition your spring/summer footwear into Fall by wearing your favorite pep toe heels/sandles with cute tights or stockings!

Let’s take a look see at some of the shoe trends for this Fall season!

  1. Knee high boots! Classic, classic! Knee high boots will never go away. If you don’t have a pair, you better get some soon! And, if you don’t already know how to wear them you need an old fashion spankin! Wear your knee high or thigh high boats with your leggings/jeggings, mini skirt, midi skirt, shorts, or dress.

  2. Kitten Heel Mules! (pic below). Oooh, these are the cutest! Pair these with a cute pair of cropped pants, skinny jeans and an oversized button down top, front tuck. You can also wear with dresses and skirts! Don’t be afraid of these.

  3. Ornamental Heels! Get yourself at least one pair of forreal foot candy. You can really spice up an outfit with a pair of shoes with some neat designs and/or rhinestones!

  4. Animal print shoes. Another classic that’s bound to stick around for years to come. Specifically, Leopard print is the new neutral! You can practically wear these with any outfit and it’ll take it to a whole other level. Here again, if you don’t have a least one pair of animal please make an investment!

  5. The School Girl Block Heels we wore as preteens in the early 90’s are making there way back on the scene. Not only are they super cute and stylist, they are even a little more comfortable than your stilettos. A great alternative for an office environment. Pair them with a dress, skirt, or cropped jeans for an edgier look.

  6. Lastly, sneakers and loafers! There are many off brand sneaker options out there! Get you a pair or two.

These are just a few trends for this Fall. There’s so many more! Pay attention to new and different styles in the department stores and give them a try!

As always if you have any questions please ask or have any comments please share!

“If you don’t risk anything, you risk even more.”

-Erica Jong


Jen Stylz