Mixing and Matching Prints!

Oh My Gosh! Mixing prints are unacceptable in the fashion world! Isn’t it? Bahahahaha, well maybe it used to be; like the bad luck you got when wearing white after Labor Day! Yea, let that old fashion notion go right out the window.  Limitless Fashion; don’t be confined to old ideologies!

I will share simple tips that will surely help you succeed in mixing your prints! Yes, at first you’re probably not going to see the vision. Your eyes will definitely play a mind game and make you feel like this doesn’t work. IGNORE those thoughts. If you follow my tips, you should be fine. When in doubt just ask!

Guide to mixing prints:

  1. Stay within the same color family and/or pair colors that go well together when picking your mixes. This concept will be easy on the eyes, the colors compliment each other. It will not appear as thought you’re trying too hard. Lets avoid the, “Girl, she tried it” looks.

  2. Try Pairing stripes and florals, polka dot and floral, check and stripes, polka dot and stripes, or check and floral.                              -Let’s stick with two combinations for our first few times. Just to get comfortable.

  3. Then as you become more confident and      comfortable move up to 3 prints like:             -Polka dot, stripes, and check; polka, check, and floral. When you‘re comfortable with 3 or more, you’re on a role!  

  4. Be careful not to pair large prints with each other. One print can be a little bigger/bolder than the other. Remember balance.                   Balance helpers:                                                     —Leopard is considered a neutral and can be pair with just about anything. Add a leopard belt, shoes, or scarf.                        —Also, white helps with balance. If you’re feeling unsure add a white top under your cardigan, sweater, or blazer.  This will help balance the prints in your top and bottom pieces.

Make this FUN! Share your pictures with me. I’d love to see the pieces and prints you put together! (SEE EXAMPLES BELOW)

A little encouragement I gained from a very inspirational lady and now I share with you:

“In a generation that often measures influence by compliments, likes, followers, or even power, I thank God that status is not equivalent to influence. Sometimes the people who cause us to reflect and become better versions of ourselves are those who do it organically- unaware that they are even making an impact. Love is served in humble places.” -Simone Griffin

Please do not hesitate to check out her blog! It’s very inspirational and encouraging, I highly recommend. Also, Her grammar is on point! Lol https://thehopeanchoredsoul.weebly.com/blog-posts


Jen Stylz