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Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Yay! This is our first official blog post on Jen Stylz!!! What a better way than to start with transitioning into Fall. In my opinion, Fall is one of the most fashion forward seasons. You can pair the cutest pieces without being too hot or too cold! Fall is by far my favorite fashion season. First off, my general rule of thumb/suggestion is, ignore “fashion rules”. They are so overrated at times.  Don’t allow yourself to be confined/limited to certain fashion rules. Fashion is LIMITLESS! Don’t get me wrong, I feel you should still use your better judgment, and when in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask me or someone you trust. If you’re like me, around Septemberish you begin to...

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Mixing and Matching Prints!

Oh My Gosh! Mixing prints are unacceptable in the fashion world! Isn’t it? Bahahahaha, well maybe it used to be; like the bad luck you got when wearing white after Labor Day! Yea, let that old fashion notion go right out the window.  Limitless Fashion; don’t be confined to old ideologies! I will share simple tips that will surely help you succeed in mixing your prints! Yes, at first you’re probably not going to see the vision. Your eyes will definitely play a mind game and make you feel like this doesn’t work. IGNORE those thoughts. If you follow my tips, you should be fine. When in doubt just ask! Guide to mixing prints: Stay within the same color family and/or...

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Shoes! Shoes! And, more Shoes! 👠

First, allow me to apologize for my lateness of this post. From losing my notes to being a busy mompreneur I got far behind. That’s expected to happen from time to time, I guess. I am working on being more consistent! Lets talk SHOES! 👠👡👢👟 Like many of you, I absolutely love shoes. What girl doesn’t love shoes? Whether you are a heel lover, sneaker lover, and all in between. We’re all in this fetish together. Some of us love shoes but opt out of buying them simply because we don’t know how to wear them or what to wear with them. Who’s done this? Allow me to make this disclaimer! Shoes are ageless. Don’t hinder your shoe game because...

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